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Partner with us

FlyteCourier is building a network of partners consisting of the travel agencies and the courier companies on both ends of most popular international routes.

We believe that the travel agencies are important component of global logistics value-chains. With the increase in online travel-booking, the travel agencies need to reposition themselves. FlyteCourier offers them a chance to do so.

International courier market currently has huge entry barriers for small and mid-sized courier companies. They cannot invest as much as their bigger competitors. FlyteCourier has created a new business model and disruptive technology that enables the courier companies to expand their service offerings.

Our partner program is free-of-cost and offers many monetary rewards and strategic benefits.


Travel Agencies Refer travellers to FlyteCourier

30% commission per referred client

  • Additional Benefits to Customers
  • No-Cost Revenue Stream
  • Become part of Logistics
  • Scalability
  • Potential for Value-Added Services

Courier Companies Send packages using FlyteCourier

30% cash back on each recurring deal

  • More Options
  • Convenient
  • FlyteCourier Express Listings
  • Increased Coverage
  • Cost-savings