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Hong Kong to Toronto

Hong Kong to Toronto

Leaving On: 2017-08-11
Courier: Syahrul Ramadhan Jr.   

20 lbs.


50x40x30 cms.



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$ 50
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$ 15
$ 15

   Not Available. Courier already made a deal for this listing.
Listing Info:
Item Types documents. clothes. books
Item Specifications open. duty-free. used. cabin
Pickup Pickup Days: Distance: 10
Dropoff Dropoff Days: Distance: 50
Locations Origin
Phone Numbers Origin: 8529860****     Destination: 1416262**** (Full numbers will be shown once the Courier accepts your offer.)
Courier Info:
Name Syahrul Ramadhan Jr.
Mobile Number ****   (Contact info will be available once the Courier accepts your offer.)
Email ****   (Contact info will be available once the Courier accepts your offer.)
Date Listing Created 2017-07-29 17:32:18  
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