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FlyteCourier offers a web-based intuitive marketplace for the travellers and for the people looking to send their stuff. The users can list their luggage spaces or package details, search & respond to existing listings, accept one of the received responses and make the deal to carry & send a package.

The application has simple interface and offers additional features like requesting & offering package deposit, shopping, pickup & dropoff services. The users can also upload images, receive SMS alerts (after mobile number verification) and see Facebook friends they have in common with other users.


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Customer Stories

I was travelling from US to Europe on vacation and didn't have any luggage of my own. So I listed my trip details on FlyteCourier site and offered to carry items with me. I received 5 responses. I made the deal with a lady who was sending few things for her dad in London. I packed the items myself, so there was no risk. Her dad picked those up from my hotel. I confirmed the delivery on FlyteCourier website and the payment was transferred to my account right away. These were the easiest 50 dollars I made.

So if you are flying somewhere and not using your full luggage allowance, sell it on FlyteCourier and make some money. Or if you are looking for alternative to costly international courier services, check out FlyteCourier. A traveller like me will be happy to carry your stuff at a much lower cost.


I send stuff to my dad almost every month. I tried FedEx, UPS and DHL, but all were charging us a fortune. FlyteCourier is an amazing idea based on peer-to-peer sharing economy. We have used the site few times now. It is easy and efficient. You list your requirements and make the deal with one of the persons travelling on same route. There are travellers offering additional services like shopping, pickup and delivery. My experience has been very satisfying. I once requested deposit for a new electronics item and found someone willing to accept that.

I recommend FlyteCourier for your international courier needs. It is lot cheaper and way more flexible. FlyteCourier offers easy way to make money for all air-travellers. Rather than people like us paying top dollars to big courier companies, we help each other. The travellers carry items and get paid. The senders save money.