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FlyteCourier is an online marketplace bringing together people travelling on international flights and people looking to send packages to abroad.
FlyteCourier marketplace can be used by anyone in any country. We have already added most of the popular international airports to our database, but if your city is missing please send us an email.
The listings can be created for free.
Space listings are posted by the travellers who have extra luggage space and are looking to sell that as courier service. Item listings are posted by the people (senders) who want to send items to international destinations for cheap and are looking to buy courier service.
Most common items like letters, documents, clothes, medicines, personal stuff, electronics etc. can be send by FlyteCourier. As a general rule of thumb, if an item is allowed by the airlines you should be able to find a courier that is willing to carry that item for the right price.
You can visit FlyteCourier support page at http://support.flytecourier.com and create a new ticket.

You can search the space and item listings without signing in, but to respond or to create a new listings you need to create an account and login. The account requires a valid email id and a mobile number.

These details are not shown on your listings. Only when you make a deal and a payment has been made (by you or the sender), the contacts details are shared with the other party.

The mobile verification process (currently optional) helps in reassuring other users that the listing is by a real person. In addition, it also creates the trust among marketplace participants.
Login to your account, then go to "My Profile & Payment" page. Click on Verifications link on the left side.
Creating a new listing requires 3 set of information.

1. Route & Date: From and To Cities (for item listing, select nearest airport). Dates. Phone numbers. Addresses.

2. Item/ Space Info: List Price. Weight. Dimension. Item Type. Other Specifications. Comments

3. Additional Services:
i) Shopping. ii) Pickup. iii) Dropoff. iv) Customs. v) Deposit.

You will have to send us an email to modify the listing. Since sending the response is a legally binding agreement, we want to ensure that information is not edited after it has been viewed by other users.
You can also create a ticket asking us to edit the listing.
Login to your account, then go to "My Profile & Payment" page.

You can also add Facebook and Paypal account verification. We user their APIs and don't store any credentials information.
FlyteCourier has built in message exchange and notification framework. Other users can send you a message regarding one of your listings. You can also reply back and keep track of the conversation from "Sent Items" folder.

You also get 2 types of "System Alerts".

1. Response Notifications: If you receive a new response or someone accepts/ rejects one of your responses.

2. Deal Notifications: If a payment is made and you enter into a deal with another user. For active deals, FlyteCourier sends alerts to releveant users as each step in the deal process is marked as completed and the next step/ action becomes available.

These 2 system alert counts appear on the top menu. You can go to "My Inbox" and click on "Mark As Read" button to reset those new notification counts.

Unlike other marketplaces where anyone can purchase the listed services, FlyteCourier uses 2-way matching. People who are interested in buying a luggage space or in carrying an item send their responses back to the listing user. These responses are shown in "My Responses" page (clicking on ).

You can check the details of the responses received as well as the statuses of the responses sent by you on this page. If you are the courier, You can Accept Response and the sender will receive the notification about your acceptance and will be asked to make the payment. If you are the sender, you can Accept Response & Make the Payment .

A deal is generated after the payment has been made.

Once the sender makes the payment, it generates a deal between the sender and the courier. Each deal you sign is listed on "My Deals" page along with your role (courier or sender) and other details.

The deals page (accessible by clicking on ) also shows step-by-step guide to help the sender and the courier during various phases. You can set up meeting for item drop-off, upload item photos and confirm the completion of a particular step.

FlyteCourier generates a set of sequential steps for each deal depending on the options chosen (like deposit, pick-up, drop-off). These steps are called actions and each action is assigned a responsible user. For example: the courier will be responsible for setting up the meeting for item hand-over before the trip.

The courier and the sender can use the suggested time-line to ensure that the deal progresses smoothly from pick-up to trip to delivery stages.

FlyteCourier platform creates a work-flow based deal structure. Each action is preceded and followed by another action. Only the current action has an active link. The system will show the action button if you are the responsible user for the current action. As soon as the user marks an action as completed, the next step becomes available.

You can send a direct message to the other user using "My Inbox" page. You can also contact FlyteCourier Support team by emailing us at support@flytecourier.com or by visiting http://support.flytecourier.com

We are a marketplace connecting the couriers with the senders. Our platform has built-in capabilities to offer following options services:

  • Pick-up.
  • Drop-off.
  • Shopping.
  • Customs.
  • Deposit.

If the pick-up and drop-off services are part of the signed deal, the sender will see the "set up meeting" as one of the actions available on the deal time-line on "My Deals" page. The meeting time and place can be specified.
If pick-up or drop-off services are not part of the deal, the courier gets to set up the meeting.

Just like any other marketplace, FlyteCourier operates by generating trust between the buyer and the seller (i.e. the sender and the courier). Our platform requires uploading the photos on the item being sent to ensure transparency and for legal reasons. Both parties in the deal upload the item photos as part of the deal process (the sender - before handing it over to the courier; the courier - once he has got the item from the sender).

Rather than sending a used article, the sender can request the courier to buy an item. It can be either online or in-store shopping. Once the deal has been signed, the sender deposits the money for the shopping. FlyteCourier notifies the courier about the money transfer for the shopping and that the courier can proceed with the next step of shopping for the item.

At the close of the deal, the shopping money is transferred to the courier's account along with the payment for the deal.

FlyteCourier is in the process of buying blanket insurance policies covering all the transactions taking place via our platform. In the meanwhile, we provide an option of requesting an item deposit. If the courier accepts, the deposit paid by the courier will be held. Once the deal closes, the courier will get the deposit back along with the payment for the deal.

FlyteCourier allows the couriers to offer additional service of selling their customs allowance (each traveller is allowed to bring items up to a certain value). The sender can request the customs service in their listings as well.

FlyteCourier currently accepts PayPal which allows users to pay for the deals using their credit cards (most popular types accepted) or their existing PayPal accounts.

PayPal charges the seller ($0.30 + 2.9% of the sale value).
More information is available on their website: https://www.paypal.com/ca/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees

FlyteCourier allows the users to create the item and the space listings for FREE.

For the deals signed between the sender and the courier, we act as intermediary and provide payment escrow services. The money is transferred to the courier's account on completion of the deal. Currently, we are offering this service for FREE.

Our support portal allows the user to create a help ticket at http://support.flytecourier.com

You can contact customer service and we will try to resolve the issue. FlyteCourier will be offering various types of insurance protection to its customers in near future. We advise you to upload the clear photos of the item. It will help us in assessing and resolving the issue.

The courier is responsible for the items he is carrying and that is why the travellers are requested to declare that they packed the items themselves. With FlyteCourier, you will be in compliance with those regulations because the packing is done by you. Even if the sender hands-over the item in a package, the courier must always open it, verify its contents, upload the photos on our platform before packing those items in his/ her bags.

It is up to the courier to decide what items he/ she wants to carry. While creating the space listing, these options can be specified (e.g. electronics, letters/ documents, clothes, personal items, medicines, books).
Please consult the regulations (see next question) applicable to the countries you are travelling to/ from/ through.

Each country has its own rules and regulations. The websites of customs departments is a good place to find such information. Below are some of the links: