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International Marketplace

FlyteCourier offers a marketplace for today's increasingly global world. Most of us have relatives and friends living in different parts of world and who travel often. Our marketplace enables people to get items across various countries without having to pay high fees charged by traditional couriers.
Our online platform allows people to buy and sell these services from anywhere in the world. The travellers on popular international and domestic routes can offer courier services for a fee between their origin and destination cities.

Connecting Buyers & Travellers

By bringing together the people looking to get stuff from across the globe and the travellers who have extra luggage space, FlyteCourier creates new connections. These transactions generate surplus values for both the travellers and the buyers.
The travellers can offer optional value-added services like in-store shopping, customs & drop-off, thus enabling people to consume items from any country in the world. Our messaging platform allows users to exchange details of their listings with each other, set up meetings for item handover and keep a record of their interactions.

Transparent & Secure

We offer features like payment escrow (through PayPal), item image upload, deposits, mobile verification, common Facebook friends etc. to ensure that each deal is transparent and secure. Our work-flow driven platform ensures that both the senders and the travellers get to know and select their counter-parties before agreeing on the deal.
The senders can request a deposit for costly items. The photo of the item is uploaded by both parties. The traveller does the packing and thus always knows what item he/ she is carrying.

FlyteCourier : World's First Peer-to-Peer Courier Network.

Verifications, Social Collateral & Reviews

Verifications, Social Collateral & Reviews

Verified email, mobile number & Paypal ids.
Facebook ids to see mutual friends.
Counter-party review system.

Two-way Deals through Responses

Two-way Deals through Responses

Receive responses from interested couriers/ senders.
Select the response best suited to your needs.

SMS Alerts & Message Exchange

SMS Alerts & Message Exchange

In-built messaging system. Communicate without sharing contact information.
SMS Alerts of each step of deal process.

Shopping, Customs,
Pickup & Dropoff

Shopping, Customs, Pickup & Dropoff

Buy and Sell Additional Services.
Online/ offline shopping. Available customs allowance.
Flexibility in pickup & dropoff.

Content Image Uploads & Guided Process      

Content Image Uploads & Guided Process

Upload item pictures to ensure security & transparency.
Confirm completion of various steps.

Payment Escrow & Refundable Deposits      

Payment Escrow & Refundable Deposits

Pay for the deals through PayPal. Request item deposits from the couriers for costly items.
Helpdesk for dispute resolution.